At the heart of our education is a cartoon in which guidelines by the UN are being translated into easy accessible and interesting story lines.

Online games

To protect children from by explosive ordnance, the Mine Mark Foundation has created the digital Gaming Application for Mine Education – short MM-GAME – using innovative approaches to foster the spread of vital EORE. To play the MM GAME follow the link:


Drawn by 12 year old Anon from Azerbajian.

By giving children a platform to tell their stories through drawings, we are able to show how their dreams are impacted by war and conflict.

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Urban Chess Event in The Hague

Picture by PatrickTeulings

On the 25th of September, the Municipality of The Hague and Urban Chess Initiative are organizing a LIVE CHESS EVENT as part of the opening ceremony of urban chess tables in The Hague. For €10, anyone will be able to play against one of two grandmasters, Nargiz Burg-Umudova and Twan Burg. Proceeds will go to… Continue reading Urban Chess Event in The Hague

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