Each educated child will educate others

Our methods

Our approach is unique in the sense that we create different Mine Risk Education packages for each target group. That enables them to engage actively in the education and to become ambassadors for Mine Risk Education themselves. Therefore, each educated child will educate others like friends, relatives or people that are living in the same village.

We will provide local authorities and NGOs with our educational materials which will foster an inclusive and sustainable education that will influence the target group’s behavior regarding explosive remnants of war in a positive manner.

Our country visits

  • Risk Education in Azerbaijan

    Risk Education in Azerbaijan

    The Nagorno-Karabakh war was a territorial conflict that took place in the late 1980s to May 1994 between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the region, leaving roughly 30,000 casualties and more than one million refugees and internally displaced people.

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  • Risk Education in Bosnia

    Risk Education in Bosnia

    In April 2021,  We started implementing a project in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is heavily contaminated by remnants of previous conflicts.

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  • Risk Education in Ukraine

    Risk Education in Ukraine

    The conflict in Ukraine is ongoing since 2014. Since then, 6 million people have been displaced, and an unknown number of people require humanitarian assistance.

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Educational materials

  • Cartoons


    At the heart of our education is a cartoon in which guidelines by the UN are being translated into easy accessible and interesting story lines.

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  • Classic games

    Classic games

    Mine Mark contains three types of classical games: Board Game, Memory Game and Puzzle

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  • Online games

    Online games

    To protect children from by explosive ordnance, the Mine Mark Foundation has created the digital Gaming Application for Mine Education – short MM-GAME – using innovative approaches to foster the spread of vital EORE. To play the MM GAME follow the link: https://www.game.minemark.org

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