Our ultimate objective is a world where not a single child becomes a victim of unexploded ordnance and where no one has to fear them anymore.

What’s going on

The risk of landmines, cluster ammunitions and other unexploded ordnance to children is disproportionately high, and growing. In 2020, 50% of known civilian casualties were under the age of 18.  

Funding for Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) is increasing to meet this need, but still falls well short of what is required. The total amount of funding for clearance and education in 2017 was $395.9 million, while an estimated 110 million landmines are still in the ground. Clearance is a slow and expensive task, with just 135,500 of those landmines being destroyed in 2020. Ensuring high-risk groups like children are aware of the dangers posed by explosive ordnance in the meantime is crucial. 

ERW casualties in 2020

Our vision

Our ultimate objective is a world where not a single child becomes a victim of landmines, cluster ammunition and other explosive ordnance. Since the clearance of explosive remnants of war will take several hundred years, our aim is to provide education to children as a high risk group.    

Mine Contamination in 2020

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce the number of child casualties from unexploded ordnance by providing state-of-the-art Explosive Ordnance Risk Education. By working together with local authorities and NGOs, we implement inclusive and sustainable projects which increase the local populations’ awareness about unexploded ordnance