In April 2021,  Mine Mark team started implementing a project in our third target country, Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is heavily contaminated by remnants of previous conflicts. The project aimed to support the local schools by distributing explosive ordnance risk education posters to schools and organizing training sessions for teachers. Jointly with our local partner, Posavina bez mina.

Mine Mark realized and produced custom-made posters about mine risk education. Together we delivered 87 posters to 9 schools located in Brcko District, in the villages of Zovik, Bukvik, Krepsic, Ulice and Satorovici. In the second part of the project, the training sessions were delivered to 47 school teachers, enabling them to further educate children about the risk of landmines and the recommended behaviour around mines. Part of this project was funded by the generous help of Mladi BiH , a non-profit organization run by and for Bosnian youths in the Netherlands.